LANDER LOECKX  photography

der Mauerer
color photos
Expo BETONROT - De Markten Brussel

For this exposition Lander Loeckx made digital photos of the brick wall on which his works would be shown. He altered these photos through a digital process and zoomed in on the essential parts of these digital images, pixels and colours.
The images thus show the building blocks of the digital photos of the building blocks of the walls on which they are shown.

During this exhibition the artists (Lander Loeckx, Jo De Smedt, Ludwig De Wolf, Stefaan Vermuyten, Marie-Therese De Clercq) contributed photos for an installation in which these photos were distributed by means of a tombola.

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mail-art project
Expo SECONDroom

This mail-art project by BETONROT was conceived as a traveling exhibition/chain letter between artists.
The members of BETONROT, Ludwig De Wolf, Jo De Smedt and Lander Loeckx, have all sent a work to different artists. These artists were asked to add their work and send the complete package to another artist of their choice, and so on… After a period of time the works were asked to be returned to the original address for the project to culminate in an exhibition of all the added works at SECONDroom, Antwerp.

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color photos
Expo Bonjour Facteur

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black and white photos from printed negatives
reproductive projection from printed transparent
Expo Bonjour Facteur

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Messerschmidt - guide to zoology
digital color prints
Expo Biennale Internationale de Gravure de Liège 2005

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digital color prints

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BAK - Hommage an Hugo Bällchen

installation - paper, glue, bucket and brush (Lander Loeckx & Ludwig De Wolf)
Expo Internationale DADA-Festwochen - Zürich 2003

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