LANDER LOECKX  photography

Lander Loeckx, a Belgian photographer born in 1977, embarked on his artistic journey by studying three-dimensional design and multimedia at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent from 1995 to 1996. From 1996 to 1997 he focused on sculpture during his education in fine arts at Sint-Lukas Brussels.
Driven by a deep conviction to unravel the intricacies of imagery, Loeckx was compelled to delve into the requisite technical foundations and continued his exploration with an education in photography at the Hogeschool voor Wetenschap en Kunst NARAFI (now LUCA School of Arts), graduating in 2000. His final project, titled "Das neue Neue Sehen," showcased his exploration of perspectives within and experimentations with the medium in a contemporary context.
After completing his photography studies, Loeckx further honed his skills in Free Graphics at Sint-Lukas Brussels from 2000 to 2001. This allowed him to delve into various printmaking techniques such as screen printing, lithography, and offset printing, seamlessly integrating them into his photographic practice. By mastering traditional printing methods and combining them with contemporary techniques, Loeckx expanded the possibilities for experimentation and expression within his photographic work, enriching it with layers of texture and depth.
Loeckx has been exhibiting his work in various solo and group exhibitions at venues such as De Markten in Brussels, Biennale Internationale de Gravure in Liège, the International Dada Festival in Zurich, and the Real Biennale in Prague.

Throughout his career, Loeckx's work has been characterized by a multidisciplinary approach, seamlessly blending photography, graphic design, and multimedia installations. His diverse portfolio reflects his ongoing exploration of the various elements of photography.


Der Mauerer
color photos
Expo BETONROT - De Markten Brussel

"Exploring The Intersection of Digital Photography and Physical Space"

In an intriguing fusion of art and environment, Lander Loeckx embarks on a journey where the tangible meets the digital. Through his lens, the humble brick wall, upon which artworks are displayed, becomes both subject and medium. With meticulous attention to composition, Loeckx harnesses the fundamental elements of the exhibition space, transforming them into the building blocks of his visual narrative.
In this series, "der Mauerer," Loeckx delves into the quintessential nature of the pixel in digital photography and the foundational essence of the exhibition space—the brick. Each image is a testament to his exploration of this symbiotic relationship between physicality and pixelation. As he navigates the textures and contours of the brick wall, the photographer invites viewers to contemplate the intrinsic connection between the material world and the digital realm.
Through his approach, Lander Loeckx challenges traditional notions of photographic representation, blurring the boundaries between reality and abstraction. "der Mauerer" serves as a poignant reflection on the interplay of light, texture, and form, offering a fresh perspective on the intersection of art, crafts and technology.

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movie TOMBOLA.
During this exhibition the artists (Lander Loeckx, Jo De Smedt, Ludwig De Wolf, Stefaan Vermuyten, Marie-Therese De Clercq) contributed photos for an installation. These photos were distributed during the vernissage by means of a lottery.

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color photos
Expo Bonjour Facteur

Introducing the series "Pellicule": a captivating exploration of the symbiosis between photographic material and chemical reaction. On one hand, this work delves into the essence of analog photography, while on the other, it presents a juxtaposition between analog photography and graphic imagery.
This series navigates a fundamental aspect of analog photography – the development of film – yet deviates from the often figurative aspects commonly associated with the medium. The resulting color photographs emerge from the framing of segments of color films, rather than from the representation of the figurative world around us.
"Pellicule" presents basic principles of photography, chemistry and framing, offering viewers a collection of strikingly graphic images.

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Silver gelatine prints
Expo Bonjour Facteur

The installation “Tapete" delves into the intriguing phenomenon of reproduction within the realm of photography. Photography inherently presents a reproduction, whether realistic, of the world around us, or abstract.
In "Tapete" Lander Loeckx manipulates this aspect of photography, reproduction, by removing a portion of reality (a piece of wall paper) and replacing it with a photographic representation.
Employing a technique he frequently utilizes, Loeckx merges photography and print, replacing the traditional basic elements of the photograph, the grain, with the basic elements of the printing technique, screen dots. Here the projected image is composed of a coarse pattern of dots, subtly indicating that the projected segment is indeed a reproduction of the original reality.
Additionally, the installation features photographic prints depicting segments of the exhibition space's walls.
These images capture the (marks of the) passage of time, a recurring theme in photography. Whether documenting the gradual unfolding of events or freezing a singular moment in time.
In a captivating twist, these prints undergo the fore mentioned photo-graphic transformation where grain is replaced bij dots. Despite this alteration in which the photographer creates his negatives through prints on transparent sheets, the final images are presented in the form of traditional silver gelatin prints, adding a layer of depth to the exploration of reproduction techniques.
"Tapete" invites viewers to ponder the intricate relationship between reality, reproduction, documenting time, the traditional photographic medium and print.

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silver gelatine prints
Video - loop
digital color prints

In the work "8mm," the photographer delves into the concept of the focal point in both photography and film. A loop of images, originating from 8mm film, is displayed and abstracted, causing the focal points (flying birds) to blur into the focal point of the film and the photograph. Presented on one hand as digitized stop-motion and on the other hand as a sequence of rugged silver gelatin prints, following Loeckx's developed process in which he creates his own negatives using print technique.
This work explores the interplay between film and photography, movement, focal point, technique, and representation.

Opposite to the work "8mm," images are presented originating from a contemporary recording method, namely video. Screen grabs are displayed in their rawness, with a clear focus on the limitations of the medium. Digital color prints contrast with the black-and-white silver gelatin prints. Stillness opposes movement, calmness against chaos. The digitized image contrasts with the analogue, the pixel against the dot.

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mail-art project
Expo SECONDroom
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movie of the exhibition.

This mail-art project by BETONROT was conceived as a traveling exhibition/chain letter between artists.
The members of BETONROT, Ludwig De Wolf, Jo De Smedt and Lander Loeckx, have all sent a work to different artists. These artists were asked to add their work and send the complete package to another artist of their choice, and so on… After a period of time the works were asked to be returned to the original address for the project to culminate in an exhibition of all the added works at SECONDroom, Antwerp.

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